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Feb 28, 2011 ... ton collected on this form will be included in a Privacy Act System of Records ... for DOT/FAA 847 (see, ...
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What I'd like to do is take you through how to fill out an 86 10 dash to form if you were applying for an original issuance of a senior parachute rigger certificate with a back tape reading and this is for the civilian version of the application so the first thing I'll do in a Google search box is type in 86 10 dash two, and then we'll see if we can open that form the first page of the form is the privacy statement, and then we'll go on to the third page which is the form itself, and I'll just make it a little bigger, so we can see it let's try that at the top of the form on the left side you'll see it has boxes for repairman mechanic airframe and power plant we're not interested in them so leave them blank moving across then on the right side we're going to indicate that you want to be a parachute rigger by put in an X in that box the grade of certificate we want is senior I'm going to say we're applying for a back type maiden moving slightly to the left you'll see a box that are sorry an area that says application for will put an X in the original issuance box that means you don't hold any ratings at this time, but you want permission to test for this one moving down into the name area you're going to print your name first middle and last so here we go Simon I don't have a middle name so for me, I have to put n m n in parentheses it means no middle name then my last name Wade if you are a junior senior a second a third or whatever you would put that now after your name also if your name was initials only let's say it was BJ Wade I would put capital B capital j and then in parentheses initials only and then wait that lets them know what's going on moving down to the social security number area I'm going to put in this box here as soon as I can do not use the FAA don't want to know your social security number moving over the date of birth I'm just going to make one up for this form the date has to be an eight digit date so no matter what the form says any date on this form will have two digits for month two digits for day and four digits for you there's really no point in you're trying to do it any other way as the form will simply get kicked back to you so go with this format height will be in whole inches so if I was six foot I'd be 72 inches weight in whole pounds there we go for hair color they have a certain set of hair colors they'll accept and those are brown black blonde gray red or bald if you die your hair which i do very often it's purple they want to know the original or natural color of it so in my case I would write brown for eyes they will accept brown black blue hazel gray or green I'll go with brown sex can be abbreviated to M or F as appropriate and then nationality for the vast majority of applicants if you were born in the USA or if you're a naturalized citizen you would type in here USA as you've probably noticed I have a bit of an accent i am from the UK the United Kingdom you could also let's see if you are from Canada you...
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